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Date:2007-04-02 06:48

I would love to post entries to this community, however, I see that it's somewhat difficult to read what people have written. I think it's the background as well as the size and color of the font that's the real problem. :-/

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Date:2005-10-31 00:46

***warning - may trigger sexual assault victims. i am unsure of how to cut. sorry.

i just created this anonymous account to ask a question.

i am a female in my mid 20's. me and my bf were drunk. we were having sex and he could not orgasm, although i did. we gave up and i told him if he wanted to wake me up to have sex, he was welcome to try. later i was awoken when he put himself in me, without waking me up to ask first. i told him to stop, and he did not. i told him to stop again and he did not. he went on a rant about how i owed him this, while still having sex with me. i asked him to stop after he was done yelling at me and he did, grudgingly, and fell asleep. i have no idea how long he was fucking me. maybe five minutes. maybe ten. maybe less or more. i don't know. i was out of it and still a bit intoxicated.

he has never done anything like this before. he knows i was sexually abused as a kid and is usually incredibly sensitive to it. i sometimes have extreme panic attacks during non-weird sex. i sometimes over-react to things. i scare easily. he knows this and he is generally a nice guy. this incident was shocking to me because we have been dating a year and i have not seen this type of behaviour.

i am not sure exactly what i am asking. i have told my bf that right now, i am willing to be friends, but not to have sex with him. he feels obvious regret for what he did and we have talked about it to the ground. he says he doesn't know why he did it, and he barely remembers it because he was drunk. i have told him that i think we need some sort of counseling before we attempt to resume a relationship. he agrees. would what he did be considered rape? i am really confused. all i know is that now i feel absent of any emotion for him. i used to really love him, wanted to spend my life with him. now i just don't care. i am not even angry. just empty.

i guess i am just asking for advice or opinions. thanks for your time.


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Date:2004-10-10 18:10

its messed up.
we've been friends for 3 years.
best friends for 2. we've been through soooo much, we get through everything.
now we're so split it hurts
and i'm ready to loose a friend..

people say i shouldn't defriend him over a fight..i mean we get through it all right ?
but this is it.
i think.
i can't deal with it anymore.

help me out on this one.

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Date:2004-09-08 23:28
Subject:Hi There

I'm a new member. Just joined this evening, in fact. In between my busy session I hope to be dishing out my new brand of advice here when I have time.

I also do the same thing on my livejournal dear_david. So if anyone fancies posting anonymous problems to me, then I will do the utmost to assist.

Brief introductions over. :)

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Date:2004-08-27 15:21
Mood: crazy


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Date:2004-08-07 16:40
Mood: crazy

hey ive changed my LJ name from BUBBLEHEAD81 to ditzybombshell! Please make a note of it!

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Date:2004-08-03 22:04
Mood: quixotic

hey guys!

well, i am having problems with my dad and my stepmom. they think that i am a thief form their room. i bought this necklace for my grandma's birthday and i wanted a nice jewelry box to put in. so, i went into their room during the day and took a box "without asking." my stepmom has like 50 of those boxes and half of them were empty, so i thought that it was ok. they think that i am a thief. i don't know what to do. i feel like i can never do anything right, and i just feel like they hate me. my brother always says that my dad hates me, and i am beginning to think that it is true. i don't know what to do. please help!

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Date:2004-07-31 22:02
Subject:I have a problem..
Mood: contemplative

A long time ago, like 7 years, I had the biggest crush on this boy, but nothing ever happened. I lost contact with him, and I never knew what happened to him until this year. We re-met through mutual friends. He and one of my friends were dating for a minute, but they never officially became boyfriend and girlfriend. She decided that she didn't like him anymore, and they are no longer dating. Now he wants to ask me out. What should I do?

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Date:2004-07-31 14:49
Subject:hello ladies.
Mood: calm

Our lovelie little community is dying. Does anyone have any problem whatsoever or anything to talk about? I'm LJ impaired so could someone make a promotional banner? Promote and keep our community a float. Thanx dahlings.


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Date:2004-07-27 22:43
Subject:I wanna be nothing to you but I want you to be everything to me.
Mood: complacent

I wrote this. Don't know why I'm posting it in here. I'm bored. Please keep it in here though. Comment if you'd like if not that's fine too. It's under the cut so you don't have to read it. Thanx.


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