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hey guys!

well, i am having problems with my dad and my stepmom. they think that i am a thief form their room. i bought this necklace for my grandma's birthday and i wanted a nice jewelry box to put in. so, i went into their room during the day and took a box "without asking." my stepmom has like 50 of those boxes and half of them were empty, so i thought that it was ok. they think that i am a thief. i don't know what to do. i feel like i can never do anything right, and i just feel like they hate me. my brother always says that my dad hates me, and i am beginning to think that it is true. i don't know what to do. please help!
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read about your problem. man that must suck. right now i'm having trouble with my mom. she claims that i'm irresponsible and that my dad revocing the child support is all my fault. that i should have waited long til i moved out.
Parents can be a pain in the ass sometimes but i think the best thing to do first is to talk calmly with them about the situation. let each side say their fill and work out the misunderstandings. see if that works.
hope all goes well! ;)